Mini Monkeys!


RM75.00 for 7 Mini Monkeys
RM95.00 for 9 Mini Monkeys

Equally as  bloody delicious as their big brothers and sisters, just smaller in size and some say cuter 😉

  • 2.5 inches diameter each
  • 80g to 140g each
  • Good in freezer up till 2 weeks

* Inclusive of a birthday tag & 1 candle

Sorry, we don’t provide knife and we don’t do writing 🙁

Our bloody delicious frozen cheesecakes are best cut with steel knives and not plastic ones. And writings on the beautifully hand sliced fruits and decorated toppings would just be a shame. You can add on your own personalised message handwritten card at the checkout page.

Care Instruction
Our cakes are best kept in the freezer. Allow about 15 mins to thaw in room temperature before eating or cutting. If you like it frozen-ish, like ice-cream, don’t wait, eat it soon! If you like it creamier, then let it thaw out longer. Our cakes keep well (covered) in the freezer up till 2 weeks.

If you are planning to travel with the cake, if its a journey more than 1 hour, we recommend that you store it in a chiller bag or cooler box.

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    Good choice



    I will need to bring this overseas. is that possible to keep it frozen for the 8 hours flight? thanks.






    Plese deliver to my cafe






    A gift for our colleague’s Birthday!!!



    Good choice



    The mini monkeys are special and the cakes are delicious! On top of that, you get to try various flavours. The order and pick up were smooth, and response via whats app are quick as well. The birthday guy is a huge fan of cheese cake, and his facial expression after taking the first bite was epic! Let’s just say, the mini monkeys were definitely the right choice. I’d definitely be one of the returning customers!



    These mini monkeys are too cute!

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