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Malaysian Flavours Review

The girl came across Purple Monkey during her random search on internet one day, and the feedback from some of their customers were- Bloody good. Not wanting to miss the chance for trying the “bloody good cheesecake”, the girl tried so hard to get a reason to order one whole cake. Well, we don’t simply order a 1KG cake and dig into it for no reasons.

Good thing that the boy’s birthday is approaching, so the girl secretly order one mango cheesecake. Partially to celebrate the boy’s birthday and the rest to fill her desire. Evil.

The cake is priced at RM80 and the girl ask for delivery at only RM15 surcharge. Pretty reasonable price.

The long awaiting day reached at last. But there was a miss. The girl actually asked for delivery on 2nd March, but the cake arrived  on 1st of March, and both of us weren’t at home that time. So the fault of course not on Purple Monkey as the consignment note was well written with 2/3/2013, before 11pm. Hmm, this shouldn’t have happened. Yamato transport certainly needs some improvement in their delivery service. Nevermind, we can always celebrate the birthday earlier. Not needed to spoil the celebration mood over an arrived earlier cheesecake. =D

The cake is meant to kept frozen. Not just in chilled condition like any other cake. Before having the cake, allow it to thaw for 15 minutes in room temperature. Then immersed a metal knife in hot water to ease the cake cutting.

First bite- Hard, icy cold,  dense and rich with ice cream like texture, you can almost call it an ice cream cheese cake. Bloody good and super ideal for this crazy hot weather. Each of us had two slices, though it was almost midnight. #Eat first and get slim later.

However, the let down went to the mango topping the cheese cake. Beautifully lacing along cake in rose shape, the fresh mango slices looks so tempting but once bitten into it, we felt disappointed. Minimal sweetness, not even sourness, almost tasteless. But we did not complain much on that as the cheesecake itself already scored. Probably it was difficult to control the taste of mango from supplier, and we believe that Purple Monkey has done good job in searching for the best mango to decorate the cake. It isn’t easy and they deserve a big clap in this hardwork.


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