Makes special appearances at parties, events and selected deliveries! Just enjoys getting all the attention. Loves to give and receive hugs!

He is the true Monkey King!  

Our Story

Not all monkeys out there are purple. In fact, none are. But that is exactly why we at Purple Monkey are special! Why Purple Monkey? Well, our idea was developed from a hatred of ordinary tasting cakes to the love of pure oozing goodness you can find from nowhere but Purple Monkey! We never believe in cakes being there just because it has to be, we want it to be the reason for a celebration!

So while others serve you with normal and ordinary stuff, we work to give you only the best tasting cheesecakes for any of your special occasion. And believe us when we say we’re experienced, because we’ve been sidekicks in the kitchen for longer than you’d guess! We’ve even experimented in thousands of possible ways, topped with bucket loads of moral support from friends and family alike to make it so far!

We’ve been through days of being served a slice of cake just for the sake of being served and we’ve even been through days where we’ve seen cakes go to waste even in a big party just because it’s nothing special… which is why we carefully pick the best ingredients to produce the best cheese cakes and have everyone craving for more with every bite.

Plus, there isn’t a need to bicker about when you should get the cake because it’s perfectly fine to pick up the cake a day before and yet you’ll still be basking in the glory of having the best cheesecake around town to serve at your event.

Meet The Monkeys

We’re a pretty lively little family troop here! What do we share in common (beyond our charm and dashing good looks)?. We are very passionate in eating and of course, doing what we do best which is making bloody delicious frozen cheesecakes for you all.

What Our Customers Have To Say